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chandellier axo-axonic csaba varga neuroscience epilepsy hippocampus entorhinal cortex in vivo recording brain-oscillation immunohistochemistry


October 2021

December 2020 Our labs recent article is published in Communications Biology, a Nature Publishing Group paper. We found that dendrite-targeting somatostatin-positive GABAergic interneurons have a layer selectivity, while perisomatic-targeting parvalbumin-positive fast-spiking interneurons inhibit all layers of entorhinal cortex equally. Check it now:

July 2020 We've started working on the in vivo 2-photon microscope from Femtonics. Here's a short movie from Layer I of the medial entorhinal cortex.

August 2018 The miniaturized fluorescent microscope, Miniscope has arrived to our laboratory. To get further information of it please visit our research page.


October 2017 Please welcome Szilárd Szőcs. He is an undergraduate student and will graduate in 2019. Szilárd wants to continue in our lab as a Ph.D. student. He will work on interneurons in the temporal cortex.

May 2017  Ágnes Agócs-Laboda joined us as an undergraduate student. Ági will graduate in two years and wants to continue in our lab as a Ph.D. student. 

February 2017 Our long awaited slice electrophysiology rig has finally arrived, now it is up and running! Thanks to all the support we received from the University and collaborative partners!

06/01/2016 Two of our collaborators from abroad visited us and gave talks at the Hungarian Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology Meeting. It was a great pleasure to have inspiring discussions with Peyman Golshani from UCLA and Csaba Foldy from University of Zurich. 

Csaba Földy Peyman Golshani Pecs Hungary neuroscience Csaba Varga entorhinal cortex hippocampus

04/15/2016 Please welcome Miklós Kecskés who joined us as a postdoctoral fellow! Miklós learned in the United States for a year and worked at NIH. He made his Ph.D. studies at KU Leuven in Belgium. His main interest is the role of calcium activated cation currents in memory formation and desease. As a newbie in our lab, first he learns the ropes and soon starts to work on his project which involves both in vivo and later on in vitro recordings from the temporal cortex in control and transgenic animals.

Csaba Varga neuroscience entorhinal cortex hippocampus epilepsy

August 2014  Please welcome Nóra Henn-Mike as the first member of the lab. Nóri joined us as a postdoctoral fellow. She made her Ph.D. studies at the Deparment of Microbiology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Pécs. 

July 2014 We have set up the most essential lab equipments and started to perform experiments for an ongoing study. We are proude to announce that we have performed the first in vivo awake recording and labeling of a Chandellier cell, the cell type which was discovered by Janos Szentagothai.

chandellier cell axo-axonic interneuron neuroscience Csaba Varga
Szentagothai Janos Research Centre statue Csaba Varga neuroscience epilepsy

May 2014 Day 1 in our new "lab". So far no furnitures, water, electricity, internet, phone is installed. That's what I call "challenge"! On the original blueprints this room was a changing room, not a laboratory, so no wonder nothing is installed. Looking forward setting up our new lab!

Csaba Varga vargalab laboratory neuroscience epilepsy neuron
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